On Our Radar: Hollow Twin says a lot without going overboard in the video for "Mother"

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      Sometimes the backstory is everything in a video, that being the case for Hollow Twin's decidedly minimalist "Mother". 

      If the duo of Becky Wosk and Emmalee Watts had designs on making something more extravagant than "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses, those plans were torpedoed by the reality that making music videos cost money—which can be a problem when you don't have a lot of it.

      So Hollow Twin decided to shoot things in true DIY fashion, on a shoestring budget, assuming of course your shoestrings cost somewhere around a hundred bucks. 

      Pay only cursory attention to "Mother", and you might end up thinking that it's a five-minute advertisement for the quite frankly hellish pastime known as running. An unusually tasteful advertisement, it should be noted, soundtracked with Hollow Twin's rainy-Sunday vocals and morphine-drip guitars and drums.

      But there's an important moment that comes early on when Wosk takes off a ring and puts it on the fireplace mantle.

      On their Hollow Twin Instagram page, the band writes: "‘Mother’ is about someone who thought they had control over their life, but the universe had other plans and sometimes you gotta roll with it. This is a personal tale written by B inspired by her mother’s life and how you can decide to grow from your experiences."

      Do some digging on the internet, and you'll be able to unspool things from there. And if, like running, that seems like it would take too much effort, let's just say the key lesson is that sometimes, even when it's easier to stay, it's better to pull on your sneakers and hit the road.