Dead-eyed Whitney Houston hologram singing "The Greatest Love of All" will haunt your nightmares

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      There's a case to be made that, from now on, all popular performers ought to include a section in their wills stating unambiguously whether or not they would like to be digitally resurrected and posthumously put to work in perpetuity.

      From a CGI likeness of Peter Cushing starring in Rogue One to a projected Ronnie James Dio hitting the road with his (living) former bandmates, dead celebrities have become big business.

      Not every illusion is entirely convincing, however, nor are all fan bases equally receptive to seeing their dear departed dredged up from the depths of the Uncanny Valley.

      Case in point: Whitney Houston. A tour featuring a "hologram" of the singer (who died eight years ago) is set to launch on February 25. To promote the tour, "Whitney" appeared on ITV's This Morning. This is how that went down:

      When Pop Crave tweeted out the clip, Twitter predictably lost its collective shit.

      Does the Whitney Houston hologram make you want to buy a dozen tickets, or does it fill you with creeping existential dread? Let us know by taking the poll below!