Arca's 62-minute single "@@@@@" asks "Is it art, or is it more impossible to explain than the appeal of Björk?"

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      What might be most endlessly fascinating about art is the way that some things will always be completely impossible to explain.

      Like Bad Religion's Into the Unknown. And the fact that Keith Richards hasn't been dead for three decades. Or the "appeal" of Björk.

      To such grand headscratchers, you can now add “@@@@@", the new single and video from Venezuela's Arca.

      The 30-year-old operates under the banner of performance artist, which is a heads up that the "single" isn't exactly geared towards those with whopping cases of ADHD. “@@@@@" clocks in at a sometimes beautiful, often-jarring, and entirely unorthodox 62-minutes, which gives you plenty of time to roll up a joint, get totally ripped, and then stare off into space for a half-hour wondering what the fuck you've done with your life. The beauty being that, even if you do all of that, you'll still have a good 15 minutes left to make a nacho plate and whip up a chipotle-lime margarita before“@@@@@" drifts across the finish line.

      Or, if you prefer, spend the entire time staring at the video for the song, in which Arca spends a weirdly unblinking 62 minutes posing Christlike atop a car that looks like it was left unlocked for a week in Inner City America. Attached to her nipples and torso is a surgical-room rig that would have given Antichrist Superstar-era Marilyn Manson a chub, while her crotch looks like someone made a pair of underwear out of Home Hardware scraps and glowingly phallic neon tubing.

      If one were to play art critic for a second, it might be suggested that “@@@@@" is a meditation on an end of the world that everyone is to busy checking their Instagram, Twitter, and MySpace accounts to pay attention to the hell unfolding around them. Cars languish in an oily swamp, while not even the sex-show on the screen in the background is enough to attract the attention of a hopelessly jaded faux-Jesus.

      Then again, it's just as likely that reading is totally and completely idiotic on every level. Because as anyone who's ever heard Björk's Medúlla will confirm when it comes to art, some things are completely impossible to explain.

      Watch and decide for yourself, with the Northern Light baseball-bat-size blunt and nacho-plate optional.

      Either that, or camp out in the lobby and ask Arca yourself when she plays the Vogue Theatre on May 10 on her upcoming North American tour.