Breaking AC/DC rumours: chatter on fan site about possible video shoot that maybe took place in Amsterdam. Or not

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      I got the feeling a couple years ago that AC/DC fans might be the most dedicated fans in rock.

      I mean, Metallica supporters are pretty freakin' nuts. Guns N' Roses devotees are known to raise holy hell.

      And you sure don't want to get between a hardcore Maiden fan and the latest black t-shirt with Eddie on it.

      But back in the fall of 2018 when I posted a few blogs with photos showing members of AC/DC hanging around a Vancouver recording studio, the world's most fanatical Back in Black lovers really made their presence known. The blogs went viral, thanks mostly to the diehard AC/DC fans who live to share rumours and suppositions and wild guesses about their fave band on

      If Angus Young changes the colour of his shoelaces, you'll hear about it there first. And if AC/DC is shooting a video for a single for the long-awaited and much talked-about followup album to 2014's Vancouver-made Rock or Bust, you might hear it there first too.

      One of the denizens of the AC/ forum who will remain nameless sent me a photo that was apparently taken in Amsterdam a couple days ago and apparently shows the setup for an AC/DC video shoot.

      Who the hell knows if it's real or not. Or whether it's true that whoever leaked it got fired for his indiscretion. Or why someone would even bother to take a photo that crappy.

      And who the hell cares? The point is: AC/FUCKING/DC MIGHT BE DOING SOMETHING! 

      And if my confidential sources at AC/ are to be believed, what they are doing is readying the release of a new album that is, one way or another, a tribute to late rhythm-guitarist Malcolm Young, who died in 2017. It may include Young's previously recorded guitar tracks, they tell me. I'm also hearing that there will be an Australian tour this fall, with European dates in 2021, and that the lineup will include Angus Young and Stevie Young on guitars, Brian Johnson on vocals, Phil Rudd on drums, and Cliff Williams on bass. In other words, the same wicked lineup as on Back in Black, except with Stevie instead of Mal.

      How cool would that be?

      Stay tuned for more breaking and breathtaking AC/DC rumours, innuendos, and wild guesses, courtesy me and the dudes at AC/

      I mean, you could just wait for the band's official statement, which is also rumoured to be coming soon, but what's the fun in that?