Public Enemy fires Flavor Flav after he refuses to play Bernie Sanders rally for free

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      No, boyeeeeeeeee!

      Flavor Flav is apparently no fan of Bernie Sanders. Or, more likely, he doesn't care one way or another, as long as he's getting paid.

      When Public Enemy offshoot Enemy Radio (alternatively known as Public Enemy Radio) signed on to play a March 1 fundraising event for the Democratic presidential hopeful, it did so without any expectation that the long-time rapper and hype man would take part. Enemy Radio, in fact, is a project distinct from Public Enemy itself, and while Flav is a member of the latter, he is not involved with the former.

      However, his image appeared in promo materials used by the Sanders campaign. Flav's response was to have his lawyers send a cease-and-desist letter to the Sanders campaign on February 28, accusing them of using his "likeness, image and trademarked clock in promotional materials" without permission.

      According to Public Enemy cofounder Chuck D, Flav also filed a lawsuit against him on the same day—a move that led Chuck to end their decades-long partnership. 

      In a series of tweets, Chuck noted that Enemy Radio's purpose is to perform unpaid benefit gigs, which Flav refuses to do. 

      Chuck D/Twitter

      Public Enemy announced Flav's ouster in a statement issued to Pitchfork: “Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio will be moving forward without Flavor Flav. We thank him for his years of service and wish him well.”

      Enemy Radio—which includes Chuck D, Jahi, and DJ Lord—performed at the Los Angeles rally, sans Flavor Flav. Check it out below: