The catchiest pop song you'll hear this week is a coronavirus PSA from Vietnam. Yes, really

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      We've heard of infectious melodies, but this is ridiculous.

      Actually, it's kind of ingenious. To spread awareness of the COVID-19 virus and to help stem its spread, Vietnam's National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health teamed up with songwriter-producer Khac Hung to create a new version of the 2017 V-pop hit "Ghen". They even recruited the original singers, ERIK and MIN, to perform it. The new version of the song, titled "Ghen Co Vy", offers listeners tips on disease prevention. Here's a sample, by way of Google Translate: 

      Recently, there has been a very hot virus
      Her name is Corona
      Where are you from?
      My hometown is in Wuhan
      Being peaceful suddenly escaped
      Surely we should be on high alert
      Do not let her spread
      Surely we should be determined to voluntarily
      To prevent disease outbreak
      Rub and rub hands to rub and rub evenly
      Do not put your hands on your eyes, nose or mouth
      And limit going to crowded places

      It certainly doesn't hurt that the song is catchy as hell, as you'll hear in the PSA below:

      According to a World Health Organization report issued today, Vietnam has 16 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with no new cases reported in the past 19 days. Closer to home, Health Canada reports that Canada has 30 confirmed cases, with nine of them here in B.C. Health Canada also has its own guidelines on how to prevent infection. Unfortunately, those guidelines do not come packaged in a banging pop song. Someone get Justin Bieber on the case, stat!