Thanks to COVID-19, Dan Mangan played a "show to nobody" in Toronto, and now we can all enjoy it

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      Celebrated Vancouver singer-songwriter (and two-time Georgia Straight cover boy) Dan Mangan was booked to play two nights at Toronto's Danforth Music Hall last week. As luck would have it—bad luck, that is, since it was Friday the 13th—the second show was called off for reasons that you can probably guess. (See, there's this thing called COVID-19...)

      With all their gear still set up from having played the night before, Mangan and his band opted to go ahead and play the show anyway, albeit with no audience in attendance.

      Well, now we can all be in the audience, because the show was caught on video and will go live on Mangan's YouTube channel later today. You can watch it there, or come back to this post at 6 p.m. and stream it below:

      If the set list from the March 12 show is any indication, Friday's crowd-free gig likely consisted on Mangan's 2009 album Nice, Nice, Very Nice played in (almost) its entirety, followed by a second set of songs from his other LPs. And if history holds true, Mangan will have closed the concert the way he has so many times before: with a rousing rendition of "Robots"—although it'll be a little lighter in the audience sing-along department.

      Folks around here still speak fondly of the time a solo Mangan helped us celebrate our 50th anniversary by playing a few tunes in our lobby. He ended with... well, see for yourself: