COVID-19: Michael Bublé urges fans to stay home and "flatten the curve" in heartfelt Twitter post

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      This is why we love this guy.

      In a Twitter post today, homegrown Vancouver crooner Michael Bublé delivered a message to his 2.2 million followers about the importance of heeding public-health officials' advice for slowing down the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

      I've had many conversations with health-care officials that I trust, and I felt it was impossible to not help to relay a message. And that message is that it's time to take serious measures so that we can protect our families, our neighbours, and ourselves. We must flatten the curve of this virus. And there's no stopping it; I mean, I think we all understand that. This is not about stopping it. It's about making sure that our health-care system, our hospitals, can handle all the people that will inevitably have to have care.

      In a video recorded at his Vancouver home, the singer urged fans to stay inside and "drink some quarantinis" or to engage in other lower-risk activities like playing with one's children in the back yard or going for hikes in less crowded areas.

      "So, let's help each other," Bublé concludes. "Let's be great human beings and let's help to make sure that we are protecting the people that are vulnerable out there."

      For more on how to help stem the spread of COVID-19, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada's coronavirus-prevention information page.