Newt's Coronavinyl Countdown, Day 0: An Introduction

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      For the last 35-plus years I've been working from Georgia Straight offices located at 4th & Arbutus, then Pender & Bute, then 2nd & Burrard, then Pine & Broadway, and, most recently, just half a block east of Pine & Broadway.

      Now, though, thanks to COVID-19, I'm stationed at home out in the wilds of Delta, which probably sounds great if you're a bluesman, but doesn't offer quite the thrills of Vancouver.

      But that's okay, because home is where the tunes are, and by that I mean my vinyl stash.

      Like millions of others doing the social distancing thing, during my homebound stay I'll be seeking out music that, as the late Malcolm Young of AC/DC once told me, "soothes the beast". And that beast right now is the stinkin' coronavirus.

      I just went downstairs and counted my albums--which as you can see are lovingly braced by some of the finest chunks of plywood and cinder blocks known to man--and not counting box sets I've got 562 LPs. I bought most of them in the '70s when I was a rock-crazed teen in Chilliwack, usually on much-anticipated trips to Van to stock up at A&B Sound.

      All my hard-earned lawnmowing money went towards scoring them. My friends had nice cars, I had nice records.

      So my plan is to work my way through that collection, alphabetically. I'll write about one album/one band per day until this stinkin' virus has been eradicated and I can go back to my joyous 2-and-a-half-hour round-trip Skytrain/bus commute to work.

      I'm really hopin' it won't take 562 days.

      See ya'll tomorrow for Newt's Coronavinyl Countdown, Day One: AC/DC--Powerage.