COVID-19: Nirvana is having a moment in our pandemic era, for some reason

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      It's no secret that Kurt Cobain had something of an obsession with all things medical. From illustrating album covers with anatomical models to being rolled out onstage in a wheelchair and hospital gown to penning lyrics like "I am my own pet parasite/I don't need a host to live", the Nirvana frontman's fascination is well-documented.

      That may well be why, in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of artists have been drawn to Nirvana songs. Perhaps on some level, they speak to our own times, even though they were all written more than a quarter century ago. Artists who are stuck at home with just their music and their dusted-off copies of Nevermind and In Utero have been turning to Nirvana songs to get them through their coronavirus-imposed isolation.

      Here are a few examples.

      The multitalented Urian Hackney repurposed "Stay Away" as "Stay Inside", complete with admonitions to "Wipe every surface clean" and "Stock up on rice and beans."

      Dave Bayley of Glass Animals recorded a version of "Heart Shaped Box" as part of a series of "Quarantine Covers".

      Finally, Barack Obama fave Tom Misch uploaded a mellow and tuneful instrumental take on "Smells Like Teen Spirit".