Kylee Epp's EP is radio-friendly country-pop

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      Kylee Epp
      Kylee Epp (Independent)

      As Taylor Swift has done a bang-up job of proving over the past half-decade, the world can be a great place if you’re young, attractive, and proficient in the art of producing radio-friendly country-pop. With that in mind, the future looks blindingly bright for Kylee Epp, who knows exactly what sells with the cowboy-hat-sporting masses on this buffed-to-a-gleam six-song EP.

      What you get is country for folks who wouldn’t know Bloodshot Records from a Bloody Mary, which is to say that if Neko Case or Jolie Holland are your things, there’s nothing to see here. The radio programmers at JRfm, on the other hand, are no doubt wondering where the hell Epp has been hiding, the singer charging out of the gate with the hook-studded ready-for-heavy rotation “Run”. She can sing the hell out of a song, and the playing is of a calibre that you’re guaranteed to break out the air-guitar to numbers like “Get It Right”.

      The downside of all this is that Epp tends to come across as a pre-fabbed product who’s on a mission to give lapsed Shania Twain fans a reason to come back to the new-country fold. Still, that’s better, one supposes, than gunning to be the next Miley Cyrus.