35 years ago today: Expo 86 opens, offering many fine shows at Expo Theatre, including Eurythmics. Remember concerts?

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      Thirty-five years ago today--on May 2, 1986--Expo 86 opened. 

      I remember because I saved the laminated media pass that got me into a whole whack of great concerts at the world's fair's main music venue, Expo Theatre.

      Between May 2 and the closing date of October 13 I got to see some world-class acts in a variety of musical styles. 

      I saw everything from country-flavoured pop (the Everly Brothers) to party rock (Kim Mitchell) to smooth jazz (George Benson) to boogie blues (George Thorogood).

      I also saw Loverboy.

      But the best show I ever saw at Expo Theatre was Eurythmics, who performed there on July 28, touring behind their hit-packed Revenge album.

      Maybe you were there?

      To jog your memory, here's my review, which was originally published in the August 1, 1986 issue of the Georgia Straight.