Music Heals Charitable Foundation gets a boost from Vancouver venues in March

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      March is Music Therapy Month again, and you can do your part by going out and getting shit-faced. On March 2, 19 bars and venues will donate a dollar to the Music Heals Charitable Foundation for every person who pays cover.

      The Railway, Venue, and Fortune Sound Club are among the establishments that will redirect your cash into something a little more valuable than another night of fruitlessly hitting on people—an idea that obviously worked out well when Music Heals dreamed it up in 2012.

      “Last year it was six bars,” Music Heals executive director Chris Brandt told the Straight. “The bars were very enthusiastic and raised some money for us—enough to give us the incentive to make it a lot bigger this year.” A pub crawl from Granville Street to Chinatown would, of course, present the optimal fundraising opportunity.

      The Music Heals Charitable Foundation was created to support existing music-therapy services across the country, as well as raise awareness. “It’s funny,” said Brandt. “When I get the question ‘Does music heal?’—give me one example of how it doesn’t.”

      For info, visit the Music Heals website.