Matmos at the Media Club

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      Here’s something that—assuming you haven’t been on Wikipedia in the past five minutes—you probably don’t know about Matmos.

      It’s not that the long-running duo is compromised of M. C. (Martin) Schmidt and Drew Daniel, who were making high-grade electronic music back when Skrillex was a pubeless wonder working a paper route. And it’s not that Matmos—at the Media Club tonight (February 21)—has collaborated extensively with the one-woman freak show known as Björk, or that its latest, The Marriage of True Minds, has scored an ultra-impressive 81 on Metacritic, which is shorthand for “universally acclaimed”.

      No, what you probably don’t know about Matmos is that the project is named after the seething lake of evil slime beneath the city Sogo in the 1968 film Barbarella. Either that, or the band’s name originates from a Swedish word meaning “mashed food”. It’s actually hard to tell, considering the Matmos Wiki entry needs additional citations for verification.

      On that note, please help improve the article by adding citations of reliable sources, keeping in mind that unsourced material may be challenged and removed.