All for the Dreadnoughts

Dreadnoughts drummer Marco Bieri describes Straight photographer Adam P W Smith as a “godsend” for his support of the band. That includes Smith’s book, This Place Is Awesome: A Strange Funny Drunken Sad Noisy Week With the Dreadnoughts, documenting the local folk punkers’ 2009 tour of England, plus his video for “Polka Never Dies”, shot on tour in Poland.

“What I love about Adam,” Bieri told the Straight, “was that when he came with us to England, he’d never really toured before, so when he travelled, he was used to, like, nice hotels planned in advance. He’s a very organized human being. So then he met us… He was, like, ‘Okay, we’re going to be in England, so what’s your guys’s cell numbers?’ ‘Oh, we don’t have a cellphone—we’ll meet you at the bar at seven!’ This was a month before we left, so when Adam got [to England], he was super worried. When we actually walked in at seven, he was so happy!”

Assuming they show up, Smith will shoot Saturday’s Anti–St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at the Rickshaw (March 16), which will see the Dreadnoughts emerge for one night only from their recent retirement. Go to the Adam P W Smith website for more.