Not Yer Buddy’s Compilation Volume 4 shows off the best of Vancouver's punk scene

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      Various Artists
      Not Yer Buddy’s Compilation Volume 4 (Not Yer Buddy)

      Local punk booker Not Yer Buddy has put out four compilations to date, all of them terrific. They’re a really easy way of seeing just how vital Vancouver’s musical scene is, although they’re not entirely confined to Vancouver bands; occasional touring acts pop up, such as Regina punks Royal Red Brigade, who contribute a song to this disc.

      The fourth volume has by far the vastest range of genres, spread over a rather overwhelming 28 songs. Foremost are snotty old-school punk (like the Wett Stilettos’ “Scissors” or the Living Deadbeats’ “Easy Peasy”) mixed up with thinkin’ person’s hardcore (such as DAGR’s “Fall Apart” or the Rebel Spell’s “Pride & Prejudice”). But there’s also driving stoner metal (88 Mile Trip’s “To the Oasis”); gleeful psychobilly freakouts (“Ruskin Skullride” by the Stag Reels or Sexy Decoy’s vampish offering “Sucker”); and folk-punk reminiscent of the Mountain Goats or Andrew Jackson Jihad (“Falling Behind” by Jesse Lebourdais).

      The comp also offers a bit of straight-up bluegrass (from the Bottom Shelf Bourbon Trio), and oddball genre mashups, like the vastly entertaining mindfuckery of “Devil Does Do” by Devil in the Woodshack. Besides the breadth of material covered, the big surprise is how good each band sounds. Who knew that local punk was still so fuckin’ alive?



      A. MacInnis

      Dec 27, 2014 at 12:50am

      It's funny: I've seen the Wett Stilettos twice now. The first time I had no idea who they were, paid no attention, and left early, because the band I wanted to see had already played. The second time, opening for the Furies at the Fairview a few weeks ago, I suddenly realized they kick ass. Now I'm kind of more excited to see them than Death Sentence, who they open for at Funky's on Saturday. Go figure! Their song on this comp rocks.

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