Local acts celebrate Kurt Cobain at Fortune Sound Club’s Nirvana Night

Friday (April 5) marks the 19th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, though it’s the life of the singer-songwriter that will be celebrated at Fortune Sound Club’s Nirvana Night. Following a screening of Benjamin Shapiro’s documentary “I Hate Myself & I Want to Die”, local acts including War Baby, the Belle Game, and Humans will put loving spins on some Cobain-penned classics.

War Baby guitarist-vocalist Jon Redditt told the Straight he was listening to “shit like Paula Abdul and LL Cool J” before Nirvana came along. “It was totally confusing to me at first, but I really loved it. It seemed dangerous.”

While No Sinner or electro-pop outfit Humans could conceivably tweak the template, the already grunge-leaning War Baby’s covers will, well, come as they are. “We have that influence like crazy, so I think there should be one band that does a straight-up cover,” he said.


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Apr 5, 2013 at 6:47pm

Kurt changed my life with his insightful and surreal music and lyrics. I only wished he could have stuck around to make more to listen to for future generations. I was compelled to compose a portrait of him In Memoriam recently on the anniversary of his death on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/04/in-memoriam-kurt-cobain-and-l... Drop in and tell me your memories of his music and how it’s affected you.