Chris Walter launches Real McKenzies biography

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      Chris Walter doesn’t usually go looking for PR, but he insisted on some ink for his newest band biography. So what makes Under the Kilt: The Real McKenzies Exposed so different?

      “It’s just a wild story and I want people to read it,” was Walter’s blunt answer when reached by the Straight. After a year of intense work, fair enough. “Biographies are all really difficult, you know?” he said. “Sticking with facts instead of making shit up is just a lot of work, and then you gotta deal with musicians? Holy Christ.”

      Walter had to deal with a surplus of musicians in this case, since the Vancouver-based Celtic punk perennials have had a revolving-door rhythm section over the years. (“I think they had 45 drummers,” said Walter with a sigh.)

      Frontman Paul McKenzie, meanwhile, is a book unto himself. “Pretty much,” agreed Walter, who had to cut his tome in half to hit a manageable 250 pages or so.

      Along with the Isotopes, the band plays at the book launch at the Rickshaw on April 11. Walter also makes an appearance at the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series at 434 Columbia Street next Saturday (February 28). Under the Kilt will be available by the end of the month at the Punk Books website.



      East Van Halen

      Feb 20, 2015 at 10:00am

      Tony Baloney deserves his due to getting that band off to the strong start that made their reputation. One of the best and most entertaining guitarists in this city.