Bob D’Eith offers up industry wisdom in A Career in Music: The Other 12 Step Program

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      If you’ve played music in Vancouver for any length of time, then you’ve probably received good advice from Bob D’Eith at some point. In May, the executive director of Music B.C. put all that industry wisdom in one handy place with the publication of his first eBook, A Career in Music: The Other 12 Step Program.

      His goal couldn’t be more direct. With links to funding bodies and other relevant organizations, the book, as stated in its own promo, “examines where the money is for Canadian artists and how to get it”.

      “I’ve been involved in consulting and holding seminars and running businesses for the last 20 years,” D’Eith told the Straight, “so I had all these little bits of knowledge that I felt were really important for the industry, and for artists especially, and I thought there was enough there to pull it all together.”

      And how about that title? D’Eith conceded that it could be taken in the wrong spirit, although he does see music as a “lifestyle issue”.

      “You can treat it like a business or you can treat it like a party,” he said. “There’s a serious side to the title as much as it’s tongue in cheek.”

      You can grab A Career in Music for iBook, Kindle, and Kobo at the Adagio Music website.