Instant Playlist - July 18 2013

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      Light Heat
      Brain to Recorder (Ribbon)
      Considering the band’s name brings to mind the Velvet Underground’s greatest work, it should shock no one that Light Heat’s "Brain to Recorder" suggests an infatuation with fuzzed-out ’60s art-rock that would impress Moe Tucker.

      The Child of Lov
      One Day (Double Six)
      With Blur’s Damon Albarn riding shotgun, Netherlands-based MC the Child of Lov breaks out the purple drank and then slows hip-hop down to a double-codeined but weirdly soulful crawl. Can we get a "Wooooooo-hoooooo?"

      Water Liars
      Whoa Back (Fat Possum)
      Let’s bet a virgin vinyl copy of the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street plus everything ever recorded under the banner of cowpunk between 1984 and 1986 that Water Liars didn’t learn to play country from listening to Garth Brooks.

      Mean Lady
      Mother Earth (Fat Possum)
      Not the Gun Club classic, but instead a reverb-drowned exercise in straight-from-the-’60s paisley pop with spun-sugar vocals courtesy of singer Katie Dill. Shove on over, Dum Dum Girls.

      San Cisco
      Mission Failed (Sony)
      In which the major labels go raiding the clubs for bands that specialize in lo-fi, keyboard-powered DIY pop. Snort all you want, but don’t go arguing that your favourite indie label isn’t kicking itself for missing out on San Cisco.

      Court Yard Hounds
      Rock All Night (Sony)
      Natalie Maines isn’t the only member of the Dixie Chicks to be spreading her artistic wings in 2013. Here, Martie Maguire and Emily Robison make a great case that they’ve not only studied the works of Sheryl Crow and Tom Petty, but picked up some invaluable tips.

      Mazzy Star
      California (Independent)
      Against the odds, Hope Sandoval managed to avoid a crippling attack of the pouts just long enough to record a whole new album with her old bandmates. "California" is the surprisingly (for them) spritely teaser.

      Elf Power
      Sunlight on the Moon (Darla)
      Only 20 years late, this lo-fi last gasp of super-melodic goodness from the Elephant Six Collective will make you wonder why you wasted all that time listening to Pavement back in the day.

      Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht
      Hang On to Life (Mexican Summer)
      This is what you would have gotten if Jon and Vangelis had been hired to produce Blue Oyster Cult in 1985, and naturally it takes Ariel Pink to even consider anything so brilliantly ridiculous.

      Keep Shelly in Athens
      Recollection (Cascine)
      Who says chillwave is dead? Well, they forgot to tell the Greek duo Keep Shelly in Athens, who rock the reverb and the bedroom synth pop and the memory-themed songwriting like 2010 never ended.

      Asia Argento
      Sexodrome (Nuun)
      Muttering lyrics like "I wanna take you to the Sexodrome" and "Fuck me," among other pleasantries, Asia Argento isn’t going to convince you to toss your copy of Madonna’s Erotica, although you might toss something else.