Nomeansno, New Creation rarities get reissued

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      One of the rarest Vancouver punk collectibles this side of "Death to the Sickoids", Nomeansno’s 1982 debut LP Mama has been reissued as a 180-gram double LP, including the “Betrayal Fear Anger Hatred” EP on Side 4. It was originally pressed in a run of 500 copies; according to, vinyl copies sold online since 2004 have fetched between US$90 and US$450. Red Cat Records’ Ford Pier, a long-time friend to Nomeansno, notes the reissue’s “handsome packaging” and says: “It’s sort of extra-canonical, not quite what they eventually became, but there’s always been a couple of songs on it that have never really left the live rotation, so it’s good for people to hear them the way they were recorded.” The new pressing is limited to a run of 1,000.

      If that’s not good enough news, an even rarer local LP, the New Creation’s Troubled, which sold in excess of US$1,700 when a copy turned up on eBay in 2009, has been reissued on vinyl by Companion Records, in an exact repro, limited to 500 copies; distribution to shops is pending, but Troubled can be ordered on the Companion Records website.