Instant Playlist - September 25 2013

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      Forgotten Tune (DGC)
      Well, it’s no "You Know You’re Right", but the well of In Utero session outtakes must be running pretty dry by now. This two-minute instrumental doesn’t go anywhere in particular, but at this point we’ll take what we can get.

      Moby feat. Wayne Coyne
      The Perfect Life (Little Idiot/Mute)
      The Flaming Lips’ frontman tempers Moby’s miserablism with his trademark celebratory melodies, and it all adds up to a big gospel-flavoured electro-rock mess. In a good way.

      The Killers
      Shot at the Night
      This new Killers song was produced by Anthony Gonzalez, who takes the band on a trip to Midnight City. Which is our way of saying that it sounds a lot like M83. No sax solo, though.

      Memorial Fields (Fat Possum)
      What does it say about a band when it can change lead singers without sounding any different? Anyhow, with Max Bloom at the helm, Yuck delivers a seriously lush and enveloping dream-pop ballad.

      Provider (ATO)
      Then again, sometimes swapping lead singers makes a big difference. Midlake’s Tim Smith has left Eric Pulido some big shoes to fill, but the prog-leaning Provider suggests he just might do it.

      I Am of Death (Hell Has Arrived) (Prosthetic)
      Who knows what sub-subgenre of blackened deathcore or whatever this is, but Skeletonwitch will tear your head off and puke molten metal down your neck hole. In a good way, if that’s possible.

      Luscious Jackson
      So Rock On (City Song)
      We’re digging the reverb-soaked break beat, the sultry group-sung chorus, and the unexpected violin solo, but mostly we’re just gobsmacked that Luscious Jackson even still exists.

      School of Night
      Fire Escape (Minus Green)
      Antlers side project spins out swathes of gauzy but deeply soulful ambient pop with a synthetically sexy slow groove, like the sort of thing you’d put on when you’re trying to get into a robot’s shiny metal pants.

      Sleigh Bells
      You Don’t Get Me Twice (Mom & Pop)
      Hyper-compressed power chords, in-your-face snap beats, and sometimes-shrill vocals? Yup, it’s Sleigh Bells, all right, with all the sonic headaches that entails. In a good way… Maybe.

      In Solitude
      Sister (Metal Blade)
      This Swedish band does a weird combo of sleazy doom metal and tribal postpunk that’s perfect for anyone who ever wished Killing Joke sounded more like Mercyful Fate.

      Come Walk With Me (N.E.E.T.)
      The melody might be the closest Mathangi Arulpragasam has ever come to pure bubble-gum pop, but of course she has to fuck it all up with a jackhammer beat. In a good way, for sure.