Agent Orange at the Rickshaw Theatre

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      Agent Orange has a long history in Vancouver.

      Remember the infamous punk-rock episode of 21 Jump Street, the one in which Johnny Depp’s baby-faced cop character, Tom Hanson, goes undercover and stage-dives at an Agent Orange gig? Okay, admittedly that wasn’t the real Agent Orange—it was members of Death Sentence fronted by some dude lip-synching “Too Young to Die”—but the more cynical among us might argue that the band playing the Rickshaw Theatre on Sunday (April 26) isn’t the real Agent Orange either. Screw that.

      With main man Mike Palm on vocals and guitar, you’re getting the real thing. Besides, the “new guys” (bassist Perry Giordano and drummer Dave Klein) have each been in the SoCal surf-punk outfit for 12 years, which is longer than most punk bands last anyway.




      Apr 22, 2015 at 2:01pm

      I feel like I remember them from Stalag 13 which was a warehouse around 7th and Cambie. Band in one corner, place to pee in the opposite one. Thirty years ago. Jesus.