Stephen Scaccia shows off his powerful pipes on No Longer Frozen

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      Stephen Scaccia
      No Longer Frozen (Independent)

      It’s a shame that there hasn’t been a new season of Canadian Idol since 2008, because Stephen Scaccia would doubtless be a strong contender. The Burnaby resident possesses a silky croon and an operatic vibrato, which he has put to good use by singing the national anthem at numerous local pro-sports games.

      He is likely to secure plenty more such gigs with his No Longer Frozen EP, since his voice sounds powerful and precise on all seven tracks. He cites Michael Bublé as his hero—there’s even a photo of Scaccia with Bublé proudly displayed on the former’s Facebook page—and this influence shines through on the stripped-down torch song “Turn Back Time” and the slow-burning ballad “Someone Else”.

      The lyrics lack personality, but Scaccia’s voice lends emotional weight to even the most simplistic breakup clichés (including clunky declarations like “I can’t believe we’re through/I lost you and I broke your heart in two,” from “Turn Back Time”).

      The EP also includes a handful of electronic pop bangers in which the vocals are nestled amid sparkling synths and thumping house beats. “Gravity”, “S.O.S.”, and “Where I Wanna Be” all employ sweeping EDM filters and party-starting four-on-the-floor rhythms, sounding like the big-tent dance anthems that are all the rage these days.

      These slick cuts are infectious and radio-friendly, although No Longer Frozen’s quieter numbers act as a better platform for Scaccia’s voice. Ultimately, anything that emphasizes his singing is a good thing, since it’s his pipes that set him apart from the pack.