My Favourite Thing: Mother Mother

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      My Favourite Thing is a video feature where the Georgia Straight gets interesting folks from around town to list off, among other things, their favourite performers, rituals, live gigs, and singers. And, of course, their favourite thing.

      Mother Mother's lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Guldemond sat down with the Straight a few weeks ago for a little Q and A about some of his favourite things.

      Guldemond, originally from Quadra Island, is a founding member of the Vancouver-based five-piece indie rock outfit, along with his sister Molly (on vocals and keyboards). After getting their start in 2005, Mother Mother has gone on to record five studio albums, with their most recent record, Very Good Bad Thing, being produced by Gavin Brown under Universal Music Canada in Toronto.

      The album was released in November and was followed by a short Canadian tour which wrapped in Vancouver in December. The American leg of their tour kicks off on May 27 in Portland, but Mother Mother will be back in Canada for a series of festivals later this summer, including a show at the Squamish Valley Music Festival on August 8. 

      Amanda Siebert

      Follow Mother Mother and Guldemond on Twitter @mothermother and @ryanguldemond.




      May 14, 2015 at 3:16pm

      I was expecting his favourite thing to be music,or art, or expression, or like knowledge. Something deep


      May 27, 2015 at 2:43am

      This tickled my soul and warmed my heart. Such a brilliant mind that it's hard to imagine his voice is as angelic to match the words. Great band, I am a forever fan. Thank you for sharing some of the inside, Ryan.