Did You Die professes its love for speaker-blowing sounds on <3 <3 <3

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      Did You Die
      <3 <3 <3 (Independent)

      With so many modern bands exploring the fuzzy sounds of the ’90s, alt-rock revivalism is getting dangerously close to hitting its saturation point. Did You Die is still getting in a few licks before the world turns its back on slacker rock for a second time, though, professing its love for speaker-blowing sounds on the emoticon-employing <3 <3 <3 EP.

      The opener, “See You Around”, is a fantastic tapestry of six-string noise, impassioned moans, and lo-fi clatter that brings to mind Smeared-period Sloan being stomped on by Dinosaur Jr. Subsequent tracks, like the regionally minded “E16th” and “Disappear”, present queasy and shoegaze guitar tones and existential angst, though the latter lands a bit flat, thanks to the metallic pinging effect affixed to Richie Alexander’s vocals. Even worse is “Tear Us Apart”, which mixes a shrill and tinny drum machine with muscled-up hard-rock licks.

      While switching up the sonics is a noble endeavour, Did You Die succeeds best when it channels its love through the alt-rock template.