It's official—Jon Bon Jovi will perform in Vancouver's Stanley Park on August 22

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      Ticket prices will start at $39.95 for the Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia show in Vancouver.

      VIP tickets including a fully catered evening in a grand pavilion will cost $595 for the August 22 concert in Stanley Park.

      The president of Paper Rain Performances, Dennis MacDonald, revealed this in a question-and-answer session with reporters.

      He indicated the budget for the show is "just over $2 million" and a backup band will be announced in the future.

      "It's 100 percent privately financed," MacDonald said.

      The concert will seat 14,000 fans and it will be held on Brockton Field. Between 10,000 and 11,000 people will be sitting in chairs that will be strapped together in groups of eight or 10. Behind the chairs, there will be lawn seating behind. 

      The back of the stage will face the the parking lot near the totem poles.

      "That's where the artists' trailers will be," MacDonald stated. "That's where the musicians will be."

      The entire site will have a liquor licence, which means people can enjoy a drink in their seat.

      Imagine1day CEO Scott Elliott (left) joins Arthur Griffiths and Dennis MacDonald of Paper Rain Performances.
      Charlie Smith

      The promoters, who include former Vancouver Canucks owner Arthur Griffiths, will pay the Vancouver park board approximately $60,000 for the right to put on the show. 

      They wouldn't reveal the amount that will end up in Bon Jovi's bank account. The company still doesn't know how much it will have to pay in policing costs.

      "We have such a huge security and volunteer contingent that we're not requiring massive amounts of police," MacDonald said.

      Bon Jovi recorded his Slippery When Wet, New Jersey, and Keep the Faith albums in Vancouver. According to the promoters, he loves the city.

      "He's an enormous fan of the Vancouver Canucks," MacDonald said. 

      At one point, Griffiths quipped that his dream is to see "Mr. Bon Jovi wearing a Canucks jersey in Madison Square Garden".

      Paper Rain Performances plans to donate up to $100,000 of the profits to imagine1day, a charity founded by Chip and Shannon Wilson that funds educational projects in Ethiopia.

      MacDonald also promised a "significant First Nations component" and an "environmental piece" in the show.

      "We are going to announce that as soon as the details are finalized," he added. "That is really important to us."

      He also promised that buses will shuttle concertgoers from three locations: Denman Place Mall, the Westin Bayshore, and Park Royal. In addition, MacDonald said that there will be a bicycle valet service on-site.

      The announcement occurred high up in the Hotel Georgia Residences overlooking downtown.

      Paper Rain Performances has a history of bringing well-known performers to spectacular locations. In the past, it has put on shows by Faith Hill and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in outdoor venues.

      It calls the Bon Jovi show the first in what it's calling the Urban Forest concert series and it is being done in partnership with Tourism Vancouver.

      "We're talking about potentially two here next summer and we're looking at other venues in other cities as well," MacDonald said. 

      After Bon Jovi performs in Vancouver, he has shows scheduled in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Macau, Abu Dhabi, and Tel Aviv.

      Dennis MacDonald announces that Jon Bon Jovi is coming to Vancouver.



      Rot Bot

      Jun 12, 2015 at 2:53pm

      Brockton Oval? Wouldn't the logical place to host an event like this be on the Burrard Street Bridge?!

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      Bon Jovi

      Jun 12, 2015 at 3:30pm

      This music is so banal and middle of the road. Totally lame...

      Oh, we're half way there
      Oh, livin' on a prayer


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      Why can't...

      Jun 12, 2015 at 3:31pm

      We get Gojira, in Stanley Park?!?

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      clayton carson

      Jun 12, 2015 at 5:00pm

      I liuve innanaimo but would love to volunteer

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