Nat Jay at the Rickshaw Theatre

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      As much as we all love tinnitus, sometimes you want to chill, especially with summer over and the fall rains about to descend.

      Nat Jay knows how to play it classy and urbane—we learned that on last year’s downtempo All I Think When I Wake Up, currently nominated for pop album of the year at the Western Canadian Music Awards. But as proven on her new EP, Quiet Dreams, she hasn’t forgotten where she comes from, the hometown hero—who first surfaced as a singer-songwriter—stripping things back for a sound that’s all soft-focus piano and coffee-house guitars.

      Both sides of Jay will be on display when she plays the Rickshaw Theatre on Saturday (September 12). That’s right, fans will get not one but two sets for their money, one featuring Jay with an acoustic guitar, and the other with a full band. If you enjoy tinnitus, you’ll know which set to stick your head into the speakers for. As for the rest of us, get ready for the rains to seem a little more tolerable.