Chapel Sound Compilation Vol. 1 will get you excited about the future of Vancouver music

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      Chapel Sound Compilation Vol. 1
      Various Artists (Chapel Sound)

      Chapel Sound is a loosely organized syndicate largely consisting of infuriatingly young and talented hippies and weirdos who make interesting dance music in Strathcona basement suites. It boasts a stable of over 30 musicians and artists with names like wutdoinwizard and Futon Don, and quite frankly, it’s fucking impossible to keep track of them all. But their debut sampler, which was released to commemorate their leather anniversary, is a good start.

      Operating in the realm of instrumental hip-hop, trip-hop, downtempo, future bass, or whatever the hell you want to call it, Chapel Sound Compilation Vol. 1 features 24 tracks by 24 different artists, and it’ll do a better job of keeping your attention than Miley’s never-ending album.

      “Mo $” by Shaunic and “Psychosis” by Landyn are club-friendly jams that’d fit right in at Sing Sing on Fridays at MIA, where you can frequently catch a lot of the Chapel Sound crew DJing. Boha’s “Aired Out” and Loner’s “Crab Park” wouldn’t disappoint dance floors at late-night East Van warehouse parties. And if you’re too old to brave either of those, A-ro’s “Closer” and Juelz’s “Summer’s Eve Bebop” hark back to the golden era of restaurantica and will make you think you’re listening to an old Rebirth of Cool compilation. (That’s impossible, though, because they’re all in a box in your mom’s attic.)

      It’s well worth an hour and 19 minutes of your time. Listen to it for free on Soundcloud or download it by donation on Bandcamp. It’ll simultaneously make you want to dig those old trip-hop albums out of your mom’s attic and get you excited for the future of young producers in Vancouver—even if there are three of them living in the bachelor below you and they stay up late making a racket.

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