N.O.R.E. at Venue

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      This is it, your final chance. Over the years, you’ve stuck with the man born Victor Santiago Jr., from his beginnings as one half of the hip-hop duo Capone-N-Noreaga to his rebirth as a solo rapper N.O.R.E., to his slowly moving away from rap to embrace reggaeton and his Puerto Rican heritage. And now it’s all about to end. At this point in the game, N.O.R.E. doesn’t have a lot to prove, having platinum albums hanging on his walls (2002’s God’s Favorite), the Neptunes in his iPhone contact list, and the kind of street cred that only years of hustling bring. That’s not stopping him from touching down at Venue on Friday (November 22), where he’ll be celebrating the release of his latest album (Melvin Flynt II: Da Final Hustle) and celebrating his impending retirement. In case you haven’t heard, N.O.R.E. is about to hang up the mike to become a full-time music executive. Until, that is, he decides to get busy on Melvin Flynt III: Da Return.


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      Nov 20, 2013 at 10:12pm

      Ah crap, this had to happen the night I'm in Bellingham to see the Meat Puppets. If only they came here then I could see both! This should be a great show though, please tell NORE "What what what what what what what what?" for me.