"Why are you covering X? You should be covering Y!"

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      You give McDonald’s gift certificates to the music section for Christmas, and we reward you with a Payback Time T-shirt and two tickets to a Live Nation club show of your choice taking place in Vancouver within the next four weeks. Here’s this week’s winning whinge.

      Dear Payback Time: Listen, I love Hollerado and the Zolas as much as the next guy. Great bands. Great style. You know what else I love? Lasagna. I’ve eaten a lot of lasagna over the years, and I’ve read a lot of articles about Hollerado and The Zolas. I don’t need another one. What about Thundercat’s incarnation of Miles Davis at Fortune? What about Deltron 3030? What about Big Freedia?? Too adventurous for this vanilla rag? Let’s clean out the staff fridge, guys. Some things are growing in there.

      >Adrian St. Louis

      Mike Usinger replies: Dearest Adrian—you know what one of the funny things about newspapers is? It’s that we can’t cover everything, as much as we’d love to. Some things fall under the category of “We would have loved to have been there”, that being the case of Deltron 3030, whom we ran in Musicpix the week before the show and who also popped up on our Instant Playlist feature last issue. Some things fall under the category of “We simply don’t get it”, in this case not Thundercat, but Miles Davis. From hardcore to opera, country to techno, I can honestly say that I pretty much love all music. Most jazz released after 1954, however— including Miles Davis—makes me want to kick the shit out of the stereo. Seriously man, can’t you just play a fucking song rather than sitting there noodling away on your fucking trumpet while the drummer makes some sound like Helen Keller falling down the stairs with a Gretsch Catalina Jazz drum kit?

      Bringing things back to Hollerado and the Zolas—we covered that particular concert because we were the ones throwing the party (it was part of our Straight Series; past shows that we’ve brought you have included everyone from the Black Keys and Haim to Mother Mother and Florence and the Machine). If you wanted a taste of what Deltron 3030 was like, you should have gone to Straight.com the next day, where we ran a shot of the gig as part of our Concert Pic of the Morning feature.

      If you feel like you’ve read countless stories on the Zolas here, fair enough—they are a local band, and we try to give local artists as much ink as possible. As for Hollerado, they had never been in the Straight until right before the Straight Series show. Finally, on the subject of cleaning out the fridge, that’s a great idea. It’s officially Avalon Dairy eggnog season, and we’ve just raided the coolers at IGA, scoring no less than 23 bottles, which means we’re going to seriously need some space. Something is indeed going to be growing like crazy over the coming weeks, namely our already ever-expanding waistlines, and we couldn’t be more jazzed (but not in a Miles Davis way).



      A. MacInnis

      Nov 27, 2013 at 12:25pm

      (However, I second his endorsement of Avalon Dairy eggnog).