Little Guitar Army's Sonny Dean keeps the band’s spirit alive

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      The Little Guitar Army may have bitten the dust, but the shaggiest and sweetest of the band’s multiple axemen, Sonny Dean—he of the hairy man-boobs on the LGA CD label—will keep the band’s raucous spirit alive at his upcoming 43rd birthday bash at the Princeton Pub, on Saturday (December 21). Chatting with the Straight on a midday SkyTrain ride, Dean described his plans for an “open-mike jam” that will double as a Christmas party. “The promoter said ‘What bands do you want?’, and I said ‘I don’t care. Anyone who wants, you’re on-stage with me!’ All of my friends are invited and anyone who wants to show up is invited to come and grab an instrument and join the fun.”

      The event is free, and prior to the jam, will feature sets by Ed Lam, Verb the Noun, and Ace Lytem. No word as to the size of the instrument Dean plans to whip out, but the guitar with him on the SkyTrain was notably full-sized.




      Dec 19, 2013 at 11:59pm

      Well Done Sonny! And Happy Birthday!