Sonny Dean is in Elf? Really?

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      True devotees of the Little Guitar Army know that mid-period vocalist Linda Stang has a background in acting. She appeared, for instance, as porno star “Connie Lingus” in the Vancouver-shot horror film Live Feed

      Tony Bardach also has a long history of film work, beginning with the Dennis Hopper-lensed, Vancouver-shot 1980 cult classic Out of the Blue, but he also pops up in the Watchmen movie, in the role of the “john with Rorschach’s mother.” (See him just after the one minute mark, here.)

      But who knew that Sonny Dean had thespian abilities?

      “I wouldn’t call me an actor quite yet,” the humble, distinctive, good-humoured Dean explains, in a call to the Straight. “I’ve done a couple small acting scenes. One good one in a (2002 made-for-TV) movie called Jinnah - On Crime: Pizza 911. I got to play an Indo-Canadian biker. I thought that was kind of neat.”

      In addition to appearing in shorts for the Vancouver Film School, Dean has done “extra work—lots of extra work. I was on set last night for Almost Human, and recently I’ve been on Supernatural, as a biker. I’ve been in Smallville, numerous shows. I was in Blade: Trinity, The Chronicles of Riddick,” he adds, and a long list of films that of course includes at least one Uwe Boll (as a warrior-barbarian in In the Name of the King).

      “I’m generally a tough guy-inmate-biker,” he explains. “And of course I was in Elf. And every Christmas, everyone sees Elf!” 

      Sonny Dean is in Elf? Really?

      “Yep! I’m in jail,” he says, referring to a scene shot at Riverview hospital. “When the father gets the call that the Elf is at the local police precinct in the holding cell, I’ve got my elbow on the bunk bed. I take up the screen, and a lot of people see me. At first, they asked me to sit next to Will Ferrell, and I just looked at him and said, ‘Hey, Will!’ And he goes, ‘Hi.’ And then all of a sudden, they called, ‘Sonny! Stand up!’ ‘Oh, no, am I in trouble?’ And they asked me to stand by the bunk bed, and that was a better shot for me.”

      Sonny Dean, as previously reported, will hold his 43rd birthday bash-Christmas party at the Princeton Pub on Saturday (December 21), which will end in a free-for-all jam session featuring the hirsute guitarist.

      “They wanted Little Guitar Army to play on my birthday, actually, except certain members don’t get along. But man, if we could get a few people in there to just do a one-off thing, that would be cool,” he says, his voice taking on a hinting intonation.

      Sounded to us like there might be secret plans afoot...




      Dec 19, 2013 at 6:56pm

      I worked in administration for productions companies for a period of time, and for whatever anonymous online independent confirmation is worth, Sonny Dean does indeed have as an extensive an acting resume as he claims here.

      A. MacInnis

      Dec 20, 2013 at 12:36am

      Oops! Sonny must have said he was "in In the Name of the King, too," as opposed to "In the Name of the King 2," if you see what I mean, because it turns out he's in the first movie, not the sequel - that is, he's in the massively-budgeted, BC-shot Uwe Boll Lord of the Rings, um, "homage," starring Jason Statham, Burt Reynolds, and even Gabrielle Rose, and not its bizarrely unnecessary, why-was-this-even-made, direct-to-video sequel ("hey, the first movie was one of the biggest turkeys of the decade - let's do another!" Only Uwe Boll thinks like this, that I'm aware of).

      In point of fact, Boll has been making some pretty good movies in recent years, actually - check out Rampage, first and foremost, starring terrific Canadian actor Brendan Fletcher, or his Darfur movie, or Assault on Wall Street, for a chance to re-evaluate him: but In the Name of the King is NOT among his pleasant surprises... it's not incompetent so much as it is thoroughly lacking inspiration or a reason d'etre. Burt Reynolds in particular walks through it with a constant thought bubble reading "I should have retired" hovering over his head. In fact, it would have been immensely more entertaining, instead of watching the movie, to just watch Boll take all the money spent on the film, soak it in gasoline, and burn it... though it would have employed fewer BC filmpeople, so there's that.

      But I digress.

      Adrian Mack

      Dec 20, 2013 at 10:47am

      Bollsed up title has been fixed. Everybody carry on.

      John Lucas

      Dec 20, 2013 at 2:22pm

      Sounds like Allan MacInnis is looking for his shot in the ring.

      A. MacInnis

      Dec 20, 2013 at 3:01pm

      No, no, I genuinely like Rampage. All of Boll's best movies seem to deal with mass murder, for some reason - Rampage and Assault on Wall Street are both "guy with a gun on a shooting spree" movies, very violent and nasty. Katherine Isabelle pops up in Rampage, too, and the bingo hall is actually in Maple Ridge, where I sometimes went to play bingo with my Mom! (It has been shut down in favour of a brand new casino).