My Favourite Thing: Matthew Good

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      My Favourite Thing is a video feature where the Georgia Straight gets interesting folks from around town to list off, among other things, their favourite performers, live gigs, and singers. And, of course, their favourite thing.

      The Straight caught up with Matthew Good at one of his favourite places in the city, to talk about—you guessed it—Matt's favourite things. 

      Good's latest album, Chaotic Neutral, was released at the end of September. (Yes, that is a Dungeons and Dragons reference). The video for his first single, "All You Sons and Daughters"sees Good walking through small-town Ontario with a wolf by his side. He's set to play two shows in Vancouver at the Vogue Theatre (918 Granville Street) on November 13 and 14.

      Stream Good's new album here, and watch the video for his new single here