SoManyDJs: Sir Prancelot dishes on hot tracks and butt parties

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      Joni McKervey from the CAN I LIVE crew has a prolific number of DJ aliases. Primarily, she goes by Sir Prancelot, but there’s also Sir P, Prance-a-velli, Lord of the Prance, Forever 31, Trill Murray, and our favourite, the Rap Game Murphy Brown.

      Regardless of what you choose to call the local party rocker, you are most certainly in for a wild time when McKervey and her cohorts are choosing the score at NITE*MOVES, which goes down every Saturday at the Biltmore Cabaret, or #BOOTYBURG, which happens every other month at better dives around town. At the former you’ll hear choice rap, R&B, and dance cuts, and at the latter you’ll get that too while being encouraged to chug beer out of a plastic derrière as the people around you chant “Drink from the butt.” Don’t knock it until you try it, prudes.

      Best gig ever

      We threw a party one summer in Crab Park called CAN I LIVE… By the Sea. It was a perfect sunny day, the people were incredible, and we were having so much fun we blew our curfew and were shut down by the cops. Since then the parks board has declined to give us a permit for another one, but I dunno, maybe it was worth it.

      Top track right now

      I’m obsessed with this song right now called “Mere Gully Mein” by Divine. It’s Hindi rap, which I’ve never heard before, and I can’t stop listening to. I discovered it on this incredible mix by Kindness, who is my hair twin and producer crush. Hey, call me!

      A song that cleared the dance floor

      A remix of “The Black Brad Pitt” by Evil Nine featuring Danny Brown. I don’t know what happened. Sometimes you just want to hear a tune played really loud, but no one else agrees. I’ve learned to check myself when it comes to some heavier kinds of music unless it’s the right crowd.

      Favourite Vancouver producer

      It’s tough to pick, there are so many talented producers in Vancouver—shout-outs to Chapel Sound, Blondtron & Waspy, Pat Lok, and WMNSTUDIES. But my fave is Kutcorners from the Freshest crew. Everything he puts out is instantly my jam. He can flip something super old-school, or something really new with a heavy club vibe, and it’s always just right. It’s kinda weird because I know his girlfriend and I’m always geeking out on his music like a total fangirl. Awkward.

      What’s up with your butt-centric parties?

      BOOTYBURG came about because we teamed up with Blondtron and Paige Frewer from Man Up to create a safe and celebratory space for any kind of person to get down in—queer, straight, old, young, big butt, no butt, whatever. Everyone’s got a butt, no shame in that.

      Oddest request you’ve ever received

      Usually, requests are super obvious, like Rihanna or TLC or something. It’s pretty basic behaviour, to be honest. But I DJed a friend’s wedding this summer and a nine-year-old girl requested Tom Cochrane’s “Life Is a Highway”. I was like, “Yo, are you a child vampire that’s actually 50 years old, or did your dad put you up to this?”