My Favourite Thing: Alpha Omega's Prevail and Neph

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      My Favourite Thing is a video feature where the Georgia Straight gets interesting folks from around town to list off, among other things, their favourite performers, live gigs, and singers. And, of course, their favourite thing.

      Swollen Members alum Prevail has formed a new supergroup with his real-life nephew, Neph, called Alpha Omega. The two Vancouver-based MCs recently caught up with the Straight to tell us what album covers rock their world, which artists have the best pipes, and what their pre-show ritual is.

      Together, Prevail and Neph (short for the the Nefarious One, not nephew) are releasing a six-track EP via Kitsilano Records called The Concept on November 13th. Their cross-country tour starts the same day, and they'll be popping in at Fortune Sound Club on December 10th for a show with J.Dohe, Status Krew's Hope, and Mugg Shot.

      Check out Alpha Omega's YouTube channel here, and watch their video for Neph's track, "Viceroy".