Crypto punk Cameron Gray breaks into Wired

If you’re a bitcoin user or just a curious bystander wondering what that strange bitcoin machine is all about at the Waves Coffee House on Howe and Smithe, then you’ve probably also noticed the amiable scruff sitting right next to it. That’s Cameron Gray, frontman for the very fine local band Amble Greene. Gray was recently the subject of an article on when journalist Robert McMillan visited the site of the world’s first digital-currency ATM and found Gray working there as a “chaperone”, a job the musician scored in December. “He asked me if I knew any bitcoin millionaires,” Gray told the Straight, with a chuckle. Once the musician started talking, McMillan had a new focus for his piece.

“Bitcoin has the potential to change the entire financial landscape for the whole world,” said Gray, who otherwise describes the open source movement as “loosely what my band and my lifestyle is about”. The self-identified “neo-Gypsy crypto punk” also lives in a converted Chevy van that triples as a recording studio.

For the record, the Amble Greene soundtrack to the open-source revolution is so crypto-punk, it’s actually a surprisingly warm, ‘70s-influenced form of melodic folk rock. You can follow Gray’s Twitter @Amble_Greene. See the article here.