Make merry with the Georgia Straight's Christmas Spotify playlist

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      If there one thing that we love above all at the Georgia Straight, it's Christmas.

      Major goals of those who toil for the music section include: one day sitting in the engineer's seat of the Stanley Park christmas train; being the person who plugs in the extension cord that bring VanDusen Gardens' Festival of Lights to life; and landing the job of head Santa at Oakridge Mall.

      We love Christmas so much that the last thing we'd want anyone to be exposed to is crappy Christmas music. You hear enough of that while battling the hordes in shopping malls, cramming into fart-scented elevators, and standing in line for your clap medicine at Shopper's Drug Mart. 

      So, in the spirit of Xmas, we've lovingly curated a Christmas playlist that's completely free of Barry Manilow, Mary J. Blige, and that seemingly inescapable "Feliz Navidad' tune that's impossible to understand unless you happen to speak advanced Spanish. 

      What you’ll get instead is solid Christmas gold, some of it of the decidedly vintage variety (Bing Crosby’s sublime take on “Ave Maria”), and some destined to fall under the category of modern classics (Au Revoir Simone’s "Christmas Time Is Here”, Mounties “Merry Christmas Maybe”). 

      So cue up the Xmas playlist above, whip up another eggnog latte, unwrap a candy cane, and eat that box of Turtles for breakfast. The great thing about the holiday season is that no one’s going to judge you. Merry Christmas.