SoManyDJs: Chippy Nonstop is a Twitter icon

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      “Being kicked out of clubs wasn’t enough, I had to get kicked out of an entire country,” boasts newly minted Vancouverite Chippy Nonstop.

      Though she’s been banned from the USA for a litany of visa issues, which received extensive coverage in the hipster media earlier this year, their loss is our gain. Not only are we up a rapper and DJ, Chhavi Nanda—as it reads on her flagged Canadian passport—has also made the city funnier as a whole on Twitter with her hilarious account @Chippy_Nonstop.

      While all weak attempts to slide into her DMs will be screen-capped and shamed, you can have IRL encounters with Chippy at Happy Ending Fridays at Fortune Sound Club as well as Glory Days on Saturdays at the Cobalt. And if she doesn’t happen to be on the bill at one of those nights, she’ll likely be partying there anyway and, inevitably, live-tweeting in all caps as the bouncers drag her out.

      Best gig ever

      All my gigs are amazing, even if there’s only two people. I’m an icon.

      Top track right now

      For in the bedroom, the new Jeremih track “Pass Dat” is everything to me right now. For in the club, everyone from simps to cool people to old people just love to hear “Sorry” by Justin Bieber; it’s the most commonly requested track. Why? Because Justin Bieber is the Prince of Pop, Skrillex is God, and Blood Pop is a genius.

      A song that cleared the dance floor

      I wish it was “Hotline Bling”, because I’m so fucking over that song, but it’s not. If I’m not DJing and “Hotline Bling” plays I immediately stop dancing and stare at the DJ and mean mug him till he plays something that slaps harder.

      Favourite Vancouver producer

      There are producers in Vancouver? Joking! Actually, there is a really dope scene here for house-music shit, which I’m not even that familiar with. I’ve always been way more into tropical dance music and there’s not a lot of diversity in that sense, in terms of producers, but I really like D. Tiffany and Unknown Mobile. I can’t claim they are the best producers in Vancouver, because I don’t know enough yet, but they both make dope music.

      What’s up with your Twitter account?

      What do you mean what’s up with it? It’s poppin’. The amount of free shit and opportunities I’ve got from Twitter will literally blow your mind. People are always like, “Woah, Chip, how do you have so many baes?” I’m like, “Twitter.” People be like, “Woah, Chip, who got you that Louis bag?” I’m like “Twitter.” People are like “Chip, why are you more loyal to your Twitter than your boyfriend?” And I’m like, “My Twitter would never cheat on me.”

      Oddest request you’ve ever received

      Someone once paid me $100 for a chunk of my hair.