James Farwell returns to the Bottleneck

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      Thursday (March 13) sees Bison cofounder James Farwell returning to the Bottleneck for his third DJ set at the Granville Street bar. “Basically, I go there and play whatever I want,” Farwell told the Straight, adding that he tries to feature “more local stuff” along with whatever else he’s found recently.

      This time out, that includes Alternative Tentacles punk band Pins of Light and “a great Cactus record” featuring a heavy-psych cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Evil”. “Plus, you know, there’s my old standards, because I think it’s hilarious sitting in the Bottleneck and listening to [Norwegian black-metal band] 1349. It seems out of place, and I really like that.” Farwell credits the Bottleneck for trying to create a comfortable space downtown, because the area is not his normal destination. “There’s not much else that’s going to get me down to Granville Street,” he said, “because I’ll just get called a fag and beaten up. But it’s actually a cool bar. They have a drink special, it’s pretty cozy, and I’ll be playing cool tunes.”