Old Man Canyon soars on Delirium

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      Old Man Canyon

      When the Georgia Straight last interviewed Jett Pace, at the end of 2014, the Vancouver artist hinted that big changes were coming in the way he approaches songwriting.

      Where his debut disc, Phantoms & Friends, slotted neatly into the amorphous genre known as new folk, Pace—who performs with a band as Old Man Canyon—noted that he was becoming obsessed with vintage synths. How fitting, then, that Delirium starts like the soundtrack to a shimmering tangerine dream with the gorgeously soaring “Learn to Forget” and then glides across the finish line nine songs later with the space-cowboy pop of “Sugar City”. We’d be inclined to suggest that heaven sounds like this, but only if it includes the galaxy’s coolest music store, with an entire floor devoted to nothing but rare vintage synths.