Riot-grrrl spirit lives again on Kill Matilda's #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll

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      #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll (Independent)

      The riot-grrrl aesthetic is long dissipated, but no one has told Dusty Exner, the frontwoman (vocals and guitar) of Vancouver three-piece Kill Matilda. Her vocal style—snarls, roars, screams, and occasional coy pouting—draws on the harshest moments of Courtney Love’s career, though her song structures owe more to L7 or Bikini Kill than Hole. (The Misfits get mentioned in Kill Matilda’s press kit, too, and “not that new ‘Misfits’ crap—the real Misfits”).

      The band’s new EP, #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll, is available for free download on its website, six fun songs on time-honoured themes (“I Want Revenge”, “Zombie Apocalypse”) and a few less obvious ones (like “PBJ”—if I could make out what Exner is screaming I’d be able to confirm whether this is in fact sandwich-related. Somehow I don’t think so). The songs are all pretty straightforward and not exactly sophisticated, but are delivered with passion and gusto and whatever the female equivalent of “balls” is (clit? ovaries?). Not sure about the physical media, but the website features a download of a comic by Exner called “Geisha With a Switchblade”, after one of the band’s songs. It features neither a geisha nor a switchblade, but it does manage to conflate the Pickton crimes with a zombie plague in the Downtown Eastside, while creating some myth-building back story for the band.