Golers stay gleefully offensive on In ’n’ Outlaws

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      In ’n’ Outlaws (Independent)

      When you’ve named your band after a clan of sexual-slavery-practising, inbred Nova Scotian hillbillies—or whatever they call a hillbilly in Nova Scotia—you have to tread a line: too much humour and you’ll be accused of making fun of poor people, too little and journalists might consider asking questions like “So, how many of you are actually inbreds?”

      Homegrown thrash-metal/hardcore heroes the Golers tread this line brilliantly. They have plenty of humour in their lyrics. On their fourth full-length, In ’n’ Outlaws, for instance, there’s “Kamikaze”, about a seagull (named Steven) on a mission to shit on the world, “Quickshit McGraw” (who has “the fastest bowels you ever saw”), and the gleefully offensive “Country Blumpkin”, about the joys of receiving fellatio while defecating in an outhouse. (The band doesn’t put it anywhere near this politely.)

      Any humour is balanced, however, by the razor’s-edge two-guitar riffage and fierce DRI-meets-Slayer delivery, which makes their stance seem almost a serious stab at class warfare. For this reviewer, the best song is actually the most tuneful, “Alcoholics Unanimous”, which has a bridge that ever so briefly suggests the band is going to segue into a Ramones tribute. (They don’t, but they sure do get your hopes up.)

      Question: why do so many cute girls go to Golers shows? If I were a cute girl, I wouldn’t go anywhere near these guys.