Fresh and local: Jerk in the Can—Big Crime Baby

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      Want to ditch someone? Send them a copy of Big Crime Baby with a note reading, “Thinking of you.”

      If they don’t get the hint from “Bird Shit on Lips”—on which Marc Blaquiere muses, “If I had to guess, I’d guess that you’re a fuckin’ goof”—then “The British K.Hunt”, with its refrain of “Hey, cunt,” ought to do it. Jerk in the Can is in righteously pissed-off mode, but ’tis all in good fun. Big Crime Baby is a deliriously twisted industrial clownscape, exemplified by “Crush My Heart”—with its chorus of Auto-Tuned vocals backed by a devil’s-circus chromatic synth riff, it’s unlikely to be unseated as 2016’s weirdest rap song.