Cool is a very funkified affair

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      Paint (Independent)

      As far as supergroups go, Vancouver’s ironically named Cool does not fit the ego-tripping stereotype the term so readily conjures up. Slash does not make an appearance. But the band cannot deny its indie hometown-hero status, composed as it is of guitarist Adrian Teacher and bassist Amanda Pezzutto, both of Apollo Ghosts fame (R.I.P.), plus drummer Shawn Mrazek of Shawn Mrazek Lives!.

      Unlike the trio’s previous projects, Cool is a very funkified affair, its debut LP, Paint, making use of James Brown beats as much as the band’s trademark pop-rock riffs. Each song is assigned an appropriate hue for its title, and with the help of layer upon layer of looped guitar and rhythm, the album blends together as a wash of bright, iridescent sound.

      While “Saffron” grooves with peppy staccato licks and a Tropicália-flavoured tempo, “Green” revs with life-affirming guitar and bittersweet refrains. As “Pink” pulses with a dimly lit disco vibe, saluting images of the rosy variety (“grapefruit, Cadillac, valentine, princess/truck stop waitress uniforms”), the breezier “Blue” twinkles with Edge-y guitar, gliding over buttery bursts of sax.

      And, of course, on the album’s conclusion, “Gold”, unrelenting drums build as Teacher croons about “sunlight in your eyes”, before Paint fades out on piano and the simple, golden chords of a ringing six-string.