Connan Mockasin at Electric Owl

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      We tried to arrange an interview with Connan Mockasin in advance of his upcoming Vancouver show. This began with us reaching out to his ostensible publicist and ended with assurances that an interview would indeed happen. It never did, and we can only assume that’s because the New Zealand–born, U.K.-based musician was otherwise occupied.

      Perhaps he was cavorting with ducks at his neighbourhood pond, attempting to learn their language. Or maybe he was preparing for a hot date by enrobing his body in liquid caramel. Or dressing up like a clown and standing, statuelike, on street corners. If you’ve heard Mockasin’s lo-fi psychedelic soul music or watched any of his mind-fuck videos, you’ll realize that these are perfectly reasonable guesses as to how the man fills his idle hours.

      In addition to being a talented songwriter and a prodigiously gifted guitarist, Mockasin also happens to be a Grade-A weirdo, which makes his performance at Electric Owl on Monday (May 12) a must for freak-spotters.


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      May 7, 2014 at 12:38pm

      Just because you didn't get the interview there's no need to go round classing him as a grade-A weirdo suitable for freak spotters. His show here in Toronto, whilst being sparsely populated (being a Monday night didn't help), was extraordinary. Him and his band expand his songs into sonic masterpieces that are far superior to anything recorded. Whoever sees him and his current band on this tour is in for a treat. They put on a real show and it feels perfectly spontaneous, as you would expect from such a creative group of people.


      May 15, 2014 at 2:04pm

      I agree that creativity sucks. Please do continue the great reporting on things that didn't quite work out for you... I'm sure the poor weirdo is really kicking himself right now. I suspect his publicist googled you and decided his time would be better spent napping, or maybe they had a premonition that the interviewer might trivialize the whole thing because they were too busy scorning his sartorial choices.


      Apr 27, 2015 at 9:59am

      Your bullying is disgusting. Name calling, really? If this is a proper representation of how this website views artists, they are totally missing the point. Won't be visiting this site anymore.

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