Brody Dalle at Venue

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      If Brody Dalle has learned anything from her music career to date, it’s that you can’t rely on people. Consider her tenure as the leader of the Distillers, which featured a different lineup on each of its three albums. After that, she fronted Spinnerette, which put out one LP and an EP, but which hasn’t been heard from for about four years.

      That project didn’t exactly break up, because you can’t disband something that wasn’t a band in the first place. Said Dalle at the time: “Spinnerette isn’t a band, it’s me and whichever musicians I want to work with at the time.” She has now taken that concept to the next logical level by dispensing with the “band” concept altogether and performing under her own name. Incidentally, Dalle’s first solo album, Diploid Love, was a coproduction with Spinnerette colleague Alain Johannes, and her current touring band, which plays a sold-out gig at Venue on Friday (May 23), includes guitarist Tony Bevilacqua, who is a veteran of both Spinnerette and the Distillers. So maybe there are a few people Dalle can rely on after all.