Spores remember the Forgotten Rebels at LanaLou’s

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      Friday (June 13) at LanaLou’s (362 Powell Street) marks a rare chance to catch Danny Shmanny of 1980s Vancouver punks the Spores flexing his vocal cords on-stage, when he fronts Bones in the Hallway, a tribute to legendary Toronto band the Forgotten Rebels.

      Darryl Stapleton of Full Leather Jacket called me up and said that they wanted to do a whole night of five bands, and they were going to do Teenage Head,” Shmanny told the Straight. “He asked me if I wanted to sing, and I said, ‘Not only do I not know a single song of theirs—the words or anything—but I’m not really into them.’

      “And then,” Shmanny continued, “I foolishly said, ‘If you ever do a Forgotten Rebels tribute, count me in,’ so he got right back to me and he held me to it!”

      At least one Forgotten Rebels song, “I Think of Her”, was already in the Spores’ repertoire, Shmanny said, “but we’ve got six songs by them and maybe one bonus song that I haven’t asked them about yet.” Bones in the Hallway also features Randy Bowman (Subhumans, Scramblers) and Aging Youth Gang’s El Furioso (aka Gnash Rambler) on bass. Other bands on Friday’s bill include Sex Beat (a Gun Club tribute) and Huskee Dudes.



      Ron Y

      Jun 11, 2014 at 1:45pm

      Elvis is STILL dead! The big fat goof... DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!

      A. MacInnis

      Jun 11, 2014 at 11:02pm

      Note! Only one Spore is involved in Bones in the Hallway...!

      A. MacInnis

      Jun 14, 2014 at 9:45am

      What a great show! Danny took one song to find his voice (his reading of "Hello Hello," the very appropriate first song in the set, was a little stiff, I thought). Then muscle memory or something kicked in and he gave a killer performance. Also really enjoyed listening to several lesser Husker Du songs ("Dead Set On Destruction," say) far more as filtered through Huskee Dude than I would in the original. On acoustic, you can really hear Nick's voice - I hadn't realized just how good it is until last night. And Tim Chan on guitar for Sex Beat was a hoot! (I kinda missed the other bands on the bill, apologies, insert lame excuse here).