Top 12 PEAK Performance Project artists announced

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      The sixth annual PEAK Performance Project kicked off at Fortune Sound Club this evening with the announcement of the top 12 B.C. artists.

      This year’s finalists include Vancouver acts David Newberry, Altered By Mom, Damn Fools, and Goodwood Atoms.

      Surrey’s Good for Grapes, who were among the top 20 artists in 2013, will return to the project this year. They’ll join Derrival from Langley, the Tourist Company from North Vancouver, Miss Quincy and the Showdown from Fort St. John, the Wild Romantics from Nanaimo, Jodi Pederson from Vernon, Shred Kelly from Fernie, and Jon Bryant from Surrey.

      The 12 acts will each perform sets at the West 4th Avenue Khatsahlano Street Party on July 12, and will play a series of showcase concerts in September.

      The B.C. bands will also join another 12 artists from Alberta, which is launching its own PEAK Performance Project this year, for a music industry boot camp in August. The top 12 Alberta acts will be announced on June 21 as part of Sled Island festival in Calgary.

      The B.C. project, which is administered by Music BC and funded by 102.7 The PEAK, is in year six of a seven-year, $5.2-million program intended to kickstart the careers of emerging B.C. artists.

      This year’s top B.C. prizes are $102,700 for first place, $75,000 for second, and $50,000 for third. Each of the 12 finalists will receive a $5,000 award.

      Last year’s top three acts were Rykka, Hannah Epperson, and BESTiE. Previous winners include Dear Rouge, Current Swell, Kyprios, and We Are the City.




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