Festival d'Été Francophone de Vancouver celebrates its 25th year

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      A lot has changed over the course of the past quarter century. Twenty-five years ago, a Seattle band called Nirvana released a largely overlooked record called Bleach, the Internet was still some weird thing that Al Gore invented, and the Berlin Wall was just starting to come down. Not to be overlooked, one of Vancouver’s most enduring cultural events, Festival d’Été Francophone de Vancouver, also started up at that time. The event today celebrates its 25th year, beginning on Thursday (June 19) and running to June 26 at various venues around town (see www.lecentreculturel.com/festivaldete/ for full lineup and details). Highlights include kickoff performances by folk-pop aces Aude Ray and Philippe Brach, fusion stalwarts Aboulaye Koné and François Houle, up-and-comers like Alexandre Désilets, and beloved veterans like La Compagnie Créole. By the time it’s all over, you won’t know what you want to do first: book a vacation in Quebec City, the south of France, or the New Orleans French Quarter. The upside is that—thanks to sites like www.parisattitude.com/—finding accommodations is a million times easier than it was 25 years ago.